Interstellar - Top marks for effort but...

Told it was a film worth seeing on the biggest screen possible, so went to the IMAX, and certainly the visual scenes (almost) made the eye-watering ticket price worthwhile.

However, despite occasional attempts to be a philosophical film, it seemed to sadly suffer from what I imagine were notes from the studio along the lines of "give us a happy ending", which rather destroyed the narrative (and seemed totaly unscientific, given all the careful discussion of the effects of relativity/ageing). Also, the interesting points about how humans could cope with leaving Earth were never really explored (sic) in depth, as they kept being interrupted by rather dull scenes 'back on Earth'.

So, a good effort, ruined quite a lot by a confused romantic space film that someone seemed to think they were making instead. Maybe the Director's Cut will restore some of the philosophy (and drop some of the more clunky 'love will save us all' dialogue).