Everyday Unix Commands Revisited

Inspired/-Stolen- from features on two great podcasts, Ubuntu Podcast & the Linux Action Show podcast (both well worth a listen) looking at command line programmes or scripts; I wanted to start forcing myself to take new looks at everyday commands, especially as I've often not noticed they have (sometimes) changed entirely since that dim & distant day I first read their man page. Or sometimes a venerable command should be gently ushered off to the Unix Retirement Home, with a youthful replacement command coming along to take it's place. Or somesuch. So, as and when I find them (and can be bothered) this is a blog feature. And to help myself, here are a list to get going with:

(mixture of old commands, e.g. is there a new less, cat, etc; new commands thaat do some useful things, e.g. code line count, and just new commands)

  • -more-, -less-, most
  • -cd-, j and friends
  • -bc-, genius
  • cloc